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The phoenix is a mythological bird within a number of ancient cultures including, Greek, Chinese and Egyptian.  It is a sacred bird which, as described by the Roman poet Ovid, rises from its own ashes to live again, renewed.

To me, the phoenix is a symbol of continuous personal growth, reinventing oneself time and time again.

You can decide to find a coach for many different reasons, but whatever the reason may be, it’s all about change.


  1. professional coaching

  2. personal coaching  

  1. personal growth

  2. cross cultural

  3. cross border


  1. emigrants

  2. partners of expats

  3. employees/jobseekers

  4. students who study abroad

  5. holidaymakers who want to realise a change in their day to day life

  6. etc.


International Professional and Personal Coaching

Moving to another country, a different culture is a big change that affects all aspects of your life.  Examples are emigrants or partners of expats who find themselves in a new home country faced with:

cultural differences in work

difficulties in finding a job

letting go of their old career

finding a new direction

‘Who am I?’ and ‘What do I want?’ are universal questions.

I would like to help you find your answers and your path to realizing these changes. Let a work and organisational psychologist, who is also an emigrant, guide you to:

find a new role in your new home country

find out which job is right for you

change jobs or take a next step in your career

start your own company

Perhaps you are you looking for more fulfillment in your professional life or to improve your work life balance.

Perhaps you are a student who wants to study abroad or you are on holiday and would like to use this moment of physical distance to reshape your life.

less: confusion, stress, pressure?

and more: peace of mind, simplicity, fun?

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